I’d been putting this off for a little while – I originally created this static website during my first co-op job search to make me stand out a little bit from the other candidates. I’d had some previous experience with HTML/CSS, and knew I needed an edge when I was competing with hundreds of other CS students who had been doing the same courses.

Whether or not this website played a factor, I was offered a 4-month Co-op Software Developer position at Hootsuite, which I then extended to 8 months. Working at Hootsuite had low-key been my dream pretty much the moment I applied to my program, but I tried to play it cool – even after I ended up being the only co-op to have to do 2 interviews with them (everyone else got offers / rejected after the first).

Anyway, the great thing was that I got to actually do web development there, which taught me that I actually knew nothing about web development. Over the 8 months I worked there, I grew increasingly embarrassed about the website I had originally created, both because I realized I didn’t know anything when I created it, and because I had substituted having content with “COMING SOON”s.

So of course, I knew I had to pretty much overhaul the whole thing – primarily because I wanted to convert my design to a WordPress theme so I could blog on it, because I had found myself wanting to blog about what I was learning many times over the past year, but lacked the existing blog to do so.

So, that brings us to today – after a couple gruelling months of summer courses at UBC (due to UBC’s shortened summer terms, I cannot stress enough that you should never do a summer term if you can avoid it), I found myself waiting for more surgery on my leggy leg with nothing to do.

I should have worked on this website, yes. Instead I took up reading actual books, professionally browsing the internet and getting sucked into the vortex that is current events, currently.

Then the surgery finally happened last week – and without my perpetual “oh, I am waiting for surgery” excuse, I finally got this thing to a semblance of a complete site. (YES I KNOW THE RESUME PAGE IS BLANK).

So, here it is – WordPress theme with styles in SASS/CSS3, some light and admittedly not amazing PHP, but the part I had been most dreading is over. Now I can start making improvements and adding content.



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